Past Adoptions

These are Olde English Bulldogges we have either placed or assisted in placing through One of a Kind Bulldogs rescue network
Pedee was an Owner surrender, she was in Riverside, CA and now resides in Beautiful San Diego, CA
Dingleberry, now named Lola residing on Long Beach, CA with her loving family
Poor Sally, was so skinny and malnourished. She was bred like crazy and dropped off at a shelter to be euathanized. She is the definition of an angel. Now fattening up at her new home in Murrietta, CA
CeCe was an owner relinquishment. She was a very friendly girl and was placed in a gret home where she gets lots of love! We were happy to see her placed so quick, she's a looker.
Bella was an owner relinquishment. She was another of my favorites, actually slept in my bed her first 2 weeks here. She resided in Murrietta, CA and now resides in San Diego, CA with her new family.
Riley was an owner relinquishment and was quickly placed with a loving home with children for her to run and play with. She was under a year old, so we made sure she was exposed to children to place her with kids.
Red was 1 of 5 puppies we had relinquished by irresponsible breeders. We placed them all fairly quick since they were 12 weeks old when we recieved them. They were infested with worms and had no vaccines.
Gunner was another 1 of the 5 pups we had relinquished. He became a monster at 80-90lbs but a complete gentle giant with great demeanor. he is now living with his new family in Lodi, CA with a female pit girlfriend.
Bailey was a very sweet girl who was saved the day before euthanization at the Rancho Cucamonga shelter. We are so glad we found her! she has a remarkable temperment and ended up the perfect Therapy dog.
Doyle was an owner relinquishment. On the owners admission he did not have much a life, he sat outside in a small patio for the first 2 years with no room to run. He just needed a little space and attention.
Oguchi found a loving home in san diego and will be a spoiled little booger.
Bertha was in a Maryland humane Society and finally got paired with the perfect owners.
Sookie was one of my favorite girls, she now resides in san diego and has a big beast of a male as a boyfriend now, she couldn't be happier about the situation!
Kimber was an owner relinquishment and was adopted real quick. She went to a nice family that was a client of One of a Kind Bulldogs. Kimber has a buddy and they are inseperable!



We are so so happy yoda found the perfect home where he has a little girl to play with. he was such a child lover because of his previous home. Lilly was a girl we has to save from an uncrupulous backyard breeder Brass Knuckle Bulldogs in North County san diego. We took her in pregnant and needing csection and none of the babies survived. bred 3 heats in a row with 2 csections in a row.
Sally is what we call a part of the system. She went from breeder to breeder and we made sure the chaos stopped here. she had a litter with us (as breeders) and we decided it was best she be adopted locally and she loves her new home.
This boy was in central california and the owners had to relinquish him. we were luckily able to find him a home in the same area.
whiskey is another dog from brass knuckle bulldogs that had to be re-homed. She was crated nearly all day in an under sized crate and formed slight back problems. we placed her in a home with a pool for therapy. Zoey was a young girl who was improperly placved by another backyard breeder named edgar at eee giant bulldogs in fallbrook. He is a pennysaver bulldogger. This girl was refused by the person who created her and we helped place her.
we owned some of bonnies offspring, so when we had an opportunity to save her we jumped on it and found her a great home. She was overbred by a backyard breeder. She has passed away, but luckily she had a pet home to rest in her last years. bella was an owner relinquishment from an in-experienced breeder. they were not cut out for breeding and atleast did the right thing and properly placed all of their dogs through our rescue.



YET ANOTHER DOG from BRASS KNUCKLE BULLDOGGES! yes, this is the 3rd of 4 dogs from this backyard breeder we have taken and re-homed.
Trinity was a beauty, her eyes were fixed from double entropion while she was spayed and she was placed in a loving home.   




Stella, Bella, Cruella and their 3 little siblings

Stella and bella were here for over 18 months looking for the perfect home. Cruella was here for almost a year. The 3 little siblings all were adopted out within 4 months. these dogs are a good example of inexperienced breeders. we lost a few thousand keeping up with these dogs, they were here looking for homes longer than any other dog. the long wait was worth it, all 6 found loving homes that will hopefully last a lifetime.


Max, know known as Dog meat was a loving one year old boy that was minutes away from being dropped off in a high kill LA shelter. We were happy to grab him and get him a loving home. we get the joy of following his life on facebook












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