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Name: Bunny

Age: 4 yrs old

Breed: Olde English Bulldogge

Weight: Approx 60 lbs

Color: Lilac Tri

Bunny is one of my retired females, she has been a great mother and a great asset to my program. Now that Bunny is retired I would like to get her into a loving pet home where she can be the center of attention. Bunny is a very athletic girl and loves to play. She loves every person she meets and she gets along with most dogs. Bunny has never had any health problems, no known food or environmental allergies. She is a beautiful lilac tri color with stunning golden brown eyes.

Now the down side, Bunny likes to jump on new people she meets, but she will break of the habit really easy. She is also not leash trained as she follows us around the yard everywhere. We have placed a leash on her a couple of times and she seems to do pretty well. She will need a place with a yard so she can acclimate quicker with potty training. She is crate trained and that usually correlates with being easily potty trained.

Because Bunny is one of my retirees, I do require she stay local. I like to keep up on their future health and longevity of life as it is important to the betterment of my lines. If you do not like that I am a breeder and she is from my program, feel free to look at some rescues.