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Name: Django

Age: 6 yrs old

Breed: Olde English Bulldogge

Weight: Approx 60 lbs

Color: Blue Tri

Django is one of my retired foundation studs. We have many of his offspring and would now like him to be placed in a loving pet home where he can be the center of attention. Django has never had any health problems, no known food or environmental allergies. He has had hip evaluations and passed with flying colors. Django will only be placed with a female dog.

Now the down side, Django is an alpha male, he will only get along with certain boys in a supervised setting, so I will only place him in a home with female dogs. He has been an outdoor dog the majority of his life, housebreaking a male retired stud can be a little more difficult, but definitely possible with a little time and patience. I do want him to be and indoor pet, but he will need a place with a yard so he can acclimate to house training easier.

Because Django is one of my retirees, I do require he stay local. I like to keep up on their future health and longevity of life as it is important to the betterment of my lines. If you do not like that I am a breeder and he is from my program, feel free to look at some rescues.

Adoption fee does apply.