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Name: Pretty

Age: 5 years old

Sex: Female

Breed: Olde English Bulldogge

Location: San Diego, CA

Color: Blue Brindle

Up for adoption is Pretty, a retired breeding female. If you have a problem with this, feel free to adopt a different dog.

Pretty is a loving dog who adores every person she meets. She will follow you around like a shadow! You have to be careful not to trip over her. Pretty gets along with most male dogs, but she is slightly alpha with females, so we will not pair her with one. Pretty is crate trained and she should acclimate to house training pretty quickly, as most females do.

Retired females will only be adopted in close proximity and I do require a social media account for updates. If interested in adopting Pretty feel free to call or PM with enquiries. (We do not ship rescue/adoption dogs)

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Couple downsides, Pretty hasn't ever been on a leash. She's used to just following me around and will come to you immediately when called for. But her new adopter will have to leash train her in time if they intend on walking her out in public. I do want a home that has a yard so she can acclimate quicker. Pretty also has major utters and they will not go away, so if you have a problem with the flappy boobies she might not be the dog for you (yes, I hear people complain about this often.) Pretty is very acclimated here and will run the yard with confidence, but in a new environment she will be nervous at first. She will take time to adjust.

Now some major upsides! Rhis girl will be your best friend for life. She will follow you around and all she will want is your love and affection. She is healthy, active and one beautiful Olde English Bulldogge. Pretty has never had one single health problem in her life, including no allergies. She is a tank. Pretty does not have a sad story, she has not had a horrible life, she is very well taken care of and will stay here until she finds the perfect home where she can be a center of attention.