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About Us

About One of a Kind Bulldogs rescue

One of a Kind Bulldogs is a well established, inspected and licenced kennel for Olde English Bulldogges. Since 2006 we have been breeders of top quality Old English Bulldog puppies for saleand are now easily established as a Premier breeder. Our puppies come with a lifetime guarantee, ALL vaccines, rabies, chip and complimentary spay/neuter at our vet. We maintain contact with ALL puppies sold throughout their lives to ensure good homes and to help maintain the integrity and health of our lines. Please do your research and you will see why One of a kind olde English Bulldogges is the premier breeder.

In 2010 I began seeing many Old English Bulldogs being adopted out, relinquished or sold on Craigslist. I noticed the “rare” breed is not so rare anymore. As of 2011 we have began a new mission to help as many Olde English Bulldogges as we can. We are mainly a Southern California rescue, but also offer networking and assistance in re-homing Olde’s anywhere in the United States. The Olde English Bulldogge is a complex breed when it comes to breeding, the inconsistancy in offspring is easily noticable when people begin breeding without experience or educating themselves. Due to such an influx of breeders in the last 5-8 years the breed has been impacted heavily. Not only are many dogs ending up in pounds, they are slipping through the cracks as mixed pit bull breeds and a large percentage are being euthanized. We know this because almost every Olde English Bulldogge rescue that hits the shelters in these areas are limited to a week or two until their time is up. The olde english bulldogges taken here are sometimes pulled from southern california shelters, or are owner surrenders. Occasionally you will see some of our retired dogs for adoption on here, the same rules apply, they will be fixed and updated on shots along with microchip. So far we are averaging about 3-4 rescue Bulldogs each month. If the resources are there we will do more. Some times we will not accept dogs for intake for short periods of time to help make sure we can lace the ones we have.

French Bulldogs

In 2014 I purchased my first French Bulldog. I had always wanted a French Bulldog and I spent a long time finding a good breeder to work with. I immediately fell in love with the french Bulldog breed. As a french bulldog breeder i decided it is only logical to open my doors to french bulldog rescue. Rescuing french bulldog will also help me learn about the breed and the special needs some may require. Unfortunately we are very limited on French Bulldogs. We have many people trying to re-sell their frenchies instead of surrender to a rescue, so seldom do we get owner surrenders. WE DO NOT do a waiting list on our French Bulldog rescues. If and when we do recieve a french Bulldog they spend a minimum of 30 days in foster or in house to be assessed for any temperament or health issues. Once cleared they will be placed to best possible fit. Yes, we do have an adoption fee for our french bulldogs, and they do reflect the breeds overall market value. Adoption fees range from $500 to $900 typically.

*As a breeder of Old English Bulldogges and French Bulldogs, One of a Kind is always open and honest about what we do and how we do it. In a world filled with extremists, we see it a lot in the pet industry and rescue organizations. We believe pure bred dogs must exist and need to be preserved, but we also believe that educated, responsible, ethical and all around moral people not in it soley for financial gain should be breeders. Unfortunately backyard breeders, puppy mills and irresponsible owners are the reason shelters are over infested, NOT responsible breeders. As a breeder we believe if EVERY responsible breeder did their part and helped out rescue dogs within their breed, we would NOT have such packed shelters and so many dogs being euthanized. We lead by example and hope other breeders do their part, even if it is only space for one dog, it is one more dog saved from a shelter. As breeders we have more experience with the breed, time with them, love for them and ultimately the best route to find them homes with our networking abilities. So, all in all, if you dont like what we do then do not support us but please refrain from judgement, do not call and harass me and also dont waste time reporting us to animal control as our rep has proven itself. Thank you 🙂

About the Olde English Bulldogge aka Victorian Bulldog breed

The Olde English Bulldogge is a re-created breed. It consists of 1/2 English Bulldog and 1/6 of American Bulldog, Mastiff and Pit Bull. The breed in my opinion needs to be about 4-5 generations of breedings to be considered a true Olde English Bulldogge, meaning none of the 4 breeds listed above are in the first 4-5 generations. Unfortunately many breeders breed without conscience and for wrong reasons. With this you have many breeders who are un-educated, lack experience and ultimately effect the breed negatively. This has caused a lot of varience in Olde English Bulldogges. You see many large and inconsistant dogs that can resemble boxers or be large and mastiffy and then you have the opposite end of short Olde’s that are very English and in their own ways against standards. We see a common trend of the short and fat little Bulldogge is easy to adopt out, but the larger and more mastiff or American Bulldog type are slightly harder to find homes for (this is most of what we take in.) We do not discrimintae, whether a generational OEB or a foundational OEB we will do our best to find them loving forever homes. We get a high amount of Caliofornia surrenders, BUT we have also had a high amount of calls for Texas old English Bulldogs rescue and also Ohio old English Bulldog rescues specifically. These two states do have a high amount of breeders, but no rescues. In fact we are the only nationwide rescue network. We hope breeders will follow our lead and help the epidemic in the shelters.

Please check out the current Old English Bulldog rescues we have available and check our partner site One of a Kind Old English Bulldogs for more info on us, our reputation and our vision.