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If you are looking to surrender an Olde English Bulldogge, french Bulldog or other small or medium size Bulldog breed, please give us a message and we will try and assist.

Please understand that One of a Kind Bulldogges is a reputable Olde English Bulldogge breeder. If this is an issue for any people please do not call and harass us, just choose to go elsewhere. Please check our “About Us” page for more info on One of a Kind Bulldogs rescue and One of a Kind Bulldogges as a breeder of Old English Bulldog puppies. Each puppy we sell helps keep other olde English Bulldogges out of the shelter system and fund our vision to help out other dogs that need. Visit our partner site anytime for more info on us, our quality and our world-renowned reputation as breeders of olde English Bulldogges.

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