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Name: Capital aka Cappy aka Cap

Breed: Olde English Bulldogge

Age: Turned 3 in March

Color: Blue brindle

Weight: Approximately 80lbs

Location: San Diego, CA

Cappy is an amazing looking bulldog with fantastic health and drive. Unfortunately Cappy just wasn't in the right setting, his owner cared for him a lot and tried her best to make things work, but Cappy learned he can dominate her and was taking advantage of the situation. The last incident did equal a minor bite to the owner, mostly bruising, but enough for her to know she cannot handle him. I would not label Cappy as aggressive and neither did my trainer who has worked with him extensively. But, Cappy does need a firm owner who can keep control of him.

He has a very sweet disposition and has a lot of potential. He will only be re homed in a only dog situation for now, but he does fantastic with female dogs so anyone who adopts him will be able to add another female in the future. I have personally boarded Cappy quite a few times in his 3 years of life and he has been very well behaved. He is very responsive and will follow orders of his pack leader. Cappy will only be a So Cal adoption as we want to keep him close and also offer follow up training with our trainer Ali Plasil at Kandid K9. He is very healthy, neutered, current on all shots and ready for the perfect home. Adoption fee does apply.